I’m gonna write some flash fiction to get started, and I’ll write something later for the challenge too. The prompts are down at the bottom. Have fun.

She came in and found me pounding on my keyboard.

“Jeez, what are you writing now?”

I paused, both to talk to her and let the keys cool down. I had been typing really fast.

“Listen Annabelle, I’ve had a really great idea.” I was excited.

“Oh shit, not again!”


“The last time you had a really great idea we had four fire trucks outside the house, the basement was full of water, and the dog ran away. We don’t need any more of your great ideas!”

She crossed her arms, cocked her hips and looked at me with that ‘I dare you to disagree with me’ look. You know the one. You’ve seen it.

“No, this is not like that. This is really a good idea. I’m resurrecting the On-line Writer’s Guild. I’m gonna host it on my new site, aooga.com.”

”Well good luck with that!” she snarled, “nobody’s gonna come play with you on a stupid prompt site! You are such a doofus, sometimes. I swear.” She turned as if to walk away.

“That hurts, Annie. Why are you so mean? I bet I’m gonna get a bajillion people coming to write and play on this new site. Damn it, stab me in the heart, why don’tcha!”

Turning back she spat, “A bajillion? You think? You don’t even know how many a bajillion is!”

“I do so.”

“No you don’t.”

“I do.”

“You don’t and I’ll prove it! Write it on this piece of paper.” She slid a pad of neon orange post-it notes across the table.

I tried to look confident as I put down a one, then a comma, with about twenty-four zeros following; commas in all the right places, of course. It looked like this:


I would have added more zeros, but a post-it note is only so big, I had physical limitations. I turned it so that she could read what I had written.

She rolled her eyes, “Don’t come crying to me when nobody shows up. There’s no sympathy here.” She turned again and as she walked back through the door I could hear her mutter, “What a douche.”

“I heard that!” I said.

The door slammed and I figured I should lay low for awhile. Give her a chance to come around to my way of thinking. She’ll see. Just wait.

Today’s prompts are:

  1. Miss Wilson did her best to hush the class
  2. But that’s not what it said
  3. The cool breeze blew in the back of her hospital gown

Don’t stop to think about it. GO!

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