Daily Prompt; Trace – Five Perspectives

Daily Prompt; Trace

The space: small and crowded with electronics. An entire wall of electronics, most of it analog equipment – digital, as we know it today, was still a ways off. The compartment: rigged for red it was nighttime on the surface. I sat hunched over, staring at the Multi-trace Display Unit while I pushed the Mickey Mouse ears tighter on my head.
Taking care not to rip the vellum, I traced the patterns of the ancient petroglyph with a #2 Ticonderoga.
“The witness will answer the question or be held in contempt.” The judge scowled at me over the top of his reading glasses.
I took a sip of the water that had been provided, “Your honor, while it is true that forensics detected trace amounts of heavy metals in the samples analyzed, the amounts are too small to make any assumptions or draw any conclusions.”
I ran my finger slowly down her back, curiously tracing the long scar that she would never explain or discuss. My imagination churned out story after story about the origin of this old wound.
“We searched high and low, Sher’f . Couldn’t find ‘em. We left no stone unturned. It’s like they vanished. We looked in ever’ nook and cranny but they’re nowhere to be found. It’s like a magician disappeared them. We rooted around in the high grounds and we ferreted about in the low grounds. Them folks, well, it’s like they evaporated, yessir Sher’f . They vaporized, they melted away, they be gone without a trace.”


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