Daily Prompt; Portion – of Potion

Daily Prompt; Portion

Sophie Chalice was planning to spend the day in the kitchen. She had accepted a commission from Melody Le Torneau to whip up a batch of her famous love potion. Le Torneau hadn’t always been Melody’s name, for that matter Melody hadn’t been her name for very long either. Sophie remembered when Ms. Le Torneau had been Lavander Naxxremis.

She changed her name when she began trying to catch the eye of Kaspar Graves. Kaspar was a hopeless bureaucrat who worked at the courthouse. Sophie found him dull, tiresome, and not very good looking either, but Melody had changed her name to try and catch him. Now she had hired Sophie to make a potion.

She was in the process of bringing the base stock to a slow boil and reached for her box of fluxweed powder. She remembered only then that she had used the last of it to season the brisket she had cooked the weekend before.

“Damn,” she said out loud causing the cat to raise her head and squint. “Isadore,” she said to the cat, “Fly quickly to the bodega and fetch me a new box of fluxweed, won’t you?”

The cat hissed and lay her head back down, “I’m not your minion. Fetch it yourself.” Isadore replied.


Sophie gathered her accoutrements and headed out the door and down to the bodega where lo and behold she ran into Melody, nee Lavander .

“Good afternoon Melody.”

“Sophie, it’s so good to see you. I hope you’re keeping busy.”

“Oh, indeed. I’m brewing a potion even as we speak but I find myself a tad short of fluxweed powder.”

“Fluxweed, you say? Sounds like you might be making a ‘love portion’” Melody said smiling.

“It’s a potion, not a portion, Melody.”

“Yes, I know a portion.”

“No, a potion.”

“That’s what I said. Now drop it please.”

Sophie rolled her eyes, “As you wish, Ms. Le Torneau. If you’d like you can come by at midnight and pick up your portion. You can collect Mr. Graves portion of the potion as well.”

Melody’s eyes drifted shut, and she shivered, “Ohhh, yesss,” she whispered. “That sounds delicious. I’ll be there. I can scarcely wait.”


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