The following story is just me having fun. The prompts are down at the bottom.


Roland was focused because the traffic was bad and it was raining. Not a hard rain but a slow, steady drizzle that seemed worse than it really was because of all the cars. All the cars next to him on the road that were slinging water up onto his windshield. His wipers were slapping back and forth. A metronome, with a swoosh instead of a knock.

He saw it happen, he saw it coming. It was only a pebble, a small rock thrown up by the rear tire of the car in the outside lane, just ahead of him. He saw it coming and had time to worry about it before it hit his windscreen. Tick, and it was gone. In its place was a pit in the glass. In less than a mile a crack appeared, spreading laterally from where the stone had damaged the tempered glass screen.

This is not good, Roland thought to himself, but the crack seemed to stabilize when it was about four inches long and he breathed a little easier. He knew he would have to get it repaired but maybe he could make it to Brenda’s before dark and he could get it fixed later. He had about 45 or 50 miles to go.

He had made it almost five miles when disaster struck. There was a muted “whumpf” and that crack instantaneously transformed from a single crooked line, a few inches long; to a spider web in front of him that covered the entire windscreen.  The glass bowed inward for a couple of seconds before a baseball sized section collapsed on the passenger side. It littered his dash and the floor on that side of the car with small bits of glass. Rain came in right behind the glass. Roland hit his turn indicator and checked his mirror – he had to pull over.

It reminded him of wind chimes when the rest of the glass collapsed into the car, musical. Now the dash was completely covered. His lap was full of broken bits and the rainwater was beginning to soak everything. When he got to the shoulder he pulled as far off the road as possible, turned on his emergency flashers. He beat his palms against the steering wheel.

“Shit, shit, shit,” he yelled even though there was no one to hear except him.

Traffic continued to whoosh by as Roland gathered his wits about him. He was not too far from an exit and he made out the  glow of some lights ahead. A large yellow sign with red letters “EAT” it said, and he hoped for a truck stop. The rain was relentless. He was getting soaked as he put the car in gear and began moving slowly up the shoulder of the road; blink blink, blink blink – the flashers mocked him.

There would be a phone up ahead and he could call Brenda. Maybe she would come pick him up and they could stay the night in a motel. There must be a motel around, somewhere nearby. Would she do that for him? Would she drive all the way out here in the rain? They hadn’t known each other that long. He wasn’t sure.

He thought that he should probably call his wife too. Let her know that he was stuck outside Evansville until sometime tomorrow when he could get a new windscreen. She shouldn’t expect him home until early afternoon.

This week’s prompts are:

  1. Mom, I need to go to the emergency room
  2. How much sugar?
  3. And other such skullduggery

Don’t stop to think about it. GO!

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