OLWG #2 – How Much Sugar?


I stopped what I was doing and turned back to the book.
That couldn’t be right.
Could it?
I peered through my half moons
Studied the words

1t (4.2g)               granulated white sugar

That’s hardly any at all
‘Specially for a berry pie.
Well, Mom always said,
“Follow the recipe the first time”
“You can make it your own after that.”

Everyone oohed and aahed when I brought out dessert
The blackberries were just shy of ripe
How much sugar?
Hearty slices with a scoop of vanilla
Puckered faces ’round the table.

“Maybe a bit more ice cream, please!”
“Oh yes, me too.”
“That sounds like a good idea.”
“Just a bit more ice cream for me, as well!”
I took a taste.

Damn, out of ice cream.



One thought on “OLWG #2 – How Much Sugar?

  1. Being from blackberry country, when I read “just shy of ripe,” I instinctively puckered. Still am, as a matter of fact. Nothin’, I mean, nothin’ more sour than an unripe blackberry!

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