OLWG #6 – Susan

Well, It’s Sunday. You know what that means! OLWG time. Have fun with these prompts.

Here’s how to play along, if you are unsure.

Daniel looked in the mirror and practiced.
Should he try to look contrite? Apologetic?
He tried soulful and said to his reflection…

“It’s not you, Susan.
It’s me… It’s me.
You deserve better than me and,
I love you; so I have to set you free.”

What a load of hooie. She’ll never believe that.
I need another approach, but it’s gotta be something she’ll believe.

He tried pragmatic..,

“Susan, I’m sure you haven’t noticed, but
Nobody likes you. Not really. Some people tolerate you,
sure. Not too many though.
Hell, my dog doesn’t even like you so I’ve decided that I don’t like you either.”

Nah, she won’t believe that.
My dog likes everybody.


“Susie, honey, I think we both need to see other people.
We shouldn’t be exclusive. You should call that guy you met on the train,
the one who slipped you his phone number.
No, no, don’t worry about me. I’ll call your sister or something.”

She’ll probably kill me if I even think like that.
A Texas girl’d kill me for stuff like that. Sue would definitely kill me.

Honest! Maybe that was the approach to use. How does one go about looking candid?

Susan, it’s over between us.
My mother thought your lasagna was horrible.
She told me I couldn’t be engaged to a girl who can’t cook. She told me I had to make a choice.
You can keep the ring. It’s zirconium anyway.

This week’s prompts are:

  1. Everything was moving in slow motion
  2. adrift in a calm sea
  3. make it a double

Ready, Set, Go – 25 minutes!

9 thoughts on “OLWG #6 – Susan

  1. Pretty funny. How badly can one mess up lasagna – I think that may be another line full of Bologna!
    I started before our ‘dinner’ and ended up adding another prompt just because it fit: #47 Acceptance

    Liked by 1 person

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