OLWG #12 – The Bus

 This weeks prompts are at the bottom. The story here is just for practice.

Here’s how to play along, if you are unsure.

The tall man with the mustache, wearing a black ball cap and duster stepped up on the number 17 bus. He flashed his pass for Isaac and moved down the aisle. Isaac put it in gear and pulled carefully into traffic. He started heading the two blocks down to where he would pull onto the 387 ramp.

The tall man had headed right towards that nice Miss Ramsdale. She took the 17 downtown every morning. Isaac assumed that she worked near the Ferguson and Solvada stop, since that was where she got off the bus. Isaac watched all his regulars; he looked out for them and made up stories about their lives in his head. It helped him to pass the time as he drove his route every day. Sometimes he stayed up late and wrote his stories down. He had made Miss Ramsdale  a legal secretary in a firm located on one of the top floors of any of the myriad glass faced office buildings in that neighborhood. He turned his head slightly to eavesdrop and watch in the mirror.

Excuse me ma’am,” he heard the man in the duster say, “is this seat taken?”

Miss Ramsdale scanned the almost empty bus, “No, no, it’s free.” He sat down and pushed his cap back on his head.

“Nice day, isn’t it?” the mustache asked.

Miss Ramsdale looked out the window and ignored him. Isaac signaled to move back to the right; back towards the curb. He could see what was happening.

Mustache cleared his throat, “Ahem, I asked you if you thought it was a nice day.” He said with an edge in his voice. An edge that Isaac didn’t like, not one little bit.

Miss Ramsdale continued to ignore the man as Isaac braked hard, he spun to his feet, then ran the three steps to where Miss Ramsdale sat, pinned next to the window by the stranger.

“I’m afraid you need to get off my bus, sir.” Isaac said to the man.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa,” the man stammered as he stood, “I don’t want any trouble. I’ll just move to another seat.”

“You should have taken another seat when you boarded, sir.” Isaac intoned, “It’s too late now to try and make amends by simply moving. You need to get off my bus.” Isaac raised himself to his full 6’ 8” and looked down at the man.

“No need to make a federal case out of it, man. I’m going.” He made his way back to the front door and when Isaac opened it, mustache stepped down to the pavement.

Isaac looked in his mirror at Miss Ramsdale who sat looking at him with both hands clamped over her mouth and her eyes wide. He touched two fingers to the brim of his driver’s hat, nodded his head, took his seat and moved back into traffic heading towards the 387 on ramp.

As he merged onto the freeway he checked his mirror again. Miss Ramsdale’s hands had moved down to her lap but she continued to stare wide-eyed at Isaac.

She should thank me he thought as he worked his way through the gears accelerating to 65.

This week’s prompts are:

  1. Are we there yet?
  2. These kids today
  3. Scram

Go ahead and dive in,
Write something
Ready, Set, Go – you have 25 minutes!


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