OLWG #29 – Four Billion Stars

 This week’s prompts are at the bottom. The story below is just practice for me. Practice makes perfect.

Here’s how to play along, if you are unsure.

Scene – Outdoors: Springtime, blue skies, a few puffy clouds peacefully scudding overhead. There is a slight breeze evidenced by kids flying kites in the distance. Kevin and Earline are walking through a city park with a still river in the background, maybe a footbridge, benches are spaced periodically along the path where they stroll. Earline, wearing a white linen sun dress, has her hands clasped in front of her; she is smiling and enjoying the day. Kevin wears khaki trousers and a white golf shirt. He’s studying his cell phone and typing intently. He seems to be paying no attention to his girlfriend.


“Jeeze, Earline, listen to this; did you know that there are 400 billion stars in the universe, and that’s just the ones we know about.”

“Do you believe that, Kevin?”

“Whadaya mean ‘do I believe it?’ course I do. It says so right here on the internet. I can make ya a hard copy later, if you need me to. Print it out.”

“Maybe you can just email me the link. I’ll look at it later.”

“K! I can do that.”


He turns his attention back to his phone. Then, sometime later…


“Kevin, I need to sit down. Maybe we could stop and rest on one of these benches?”


Earline steers Kevin off the path, under some trees, and around some freshly planted decorative beds, towards the next bench. A printed sign hangs on it. When she makes out the lettering and realizes that it says “WET PAINT” she adjusts their path towards the next one. Kevin leans against her, thwarting her course correction.


“What’re ya doin’ Kevin? We can’t sit on that one.”

“Why not?”

“Can’t you read it? It says ‘WET PAINT’.”

“Nah, it can’t be.”


The couple keeps walking towards the questionable bench. They are continuously pushing against each other to control their direction of travel. The push harder and harder, but Kevin outweighs Earline by at least four stone and so he prevails. They arrive at the bench with the sign, Earline is breathing hard from the strain of pushing her boyfriend, but they are both grinning.


“There!” she exclaims, pointing at the sign, “ya see it?”

“Ahh, bollocks,” Kevin says.


He puts his hand flat on the seat. It covers four of the green slats. The look on his face changes instantly and he lifts his hand off the bench seat, stares at it in disbelief, finally showing it to Earline, who bursts out laughing.


“You are such a wanker, Kevin,” she’s still laughing and pointing at him. “You’ll believe anything ya read on the internet, but if a sign says ‘WET PAINT’ ya gotta touch it don’tcha?”


Holding his painted hand up, in surrender he puts his other arm around Earline for a hug. She leans in close to hug him back, steal a kiss. When she does, he firmly clamps his painted hand on her bum, leaving four green stripes on her white linen sun dress. She pretends not to notice.

This week’s prompts are:

  1. Neither have I
  2. An impeccably dressed transvestite
  3. The birds at dawn

Go ahead and dive in,
Write something
Ready, Set, Go – you have 25 minutes, but if that is not possible, take as long as you need.

Have fun


5 thoughts on “OLWG #29 – Four Billion Stars

  1. I used to call that, “herding.” My mother, in her late years, had a tendency to drift off course when we were out and about shopping, etc. I’d “herd” her back on course. HA! Fun to read. And that was very, very generous of the girlfriend to pretend not to notice the paint, which will permanently stain expensive white linen….

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Love the relationship between these two – the pushing and moving ending in laughter – although he needs to get his head out of his phone if this is going to be long-term.

    Liked by 1 person

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