OLWG #120- Chance

This week’s prompts are at the bottom.
Practice makes perfect. Let me know what you think.

Here’s how to play along, if you are unsure.

Wallace and Vivian looked at one another over the white tablecloth that was stretched across the table between them. These two had been friends for a long time; ever since Vivian and her husband Ben had moved into the neighborhood by Wallace. By the small suburban ranch house where Wallace and Bea, had raised their girls and where he had continued to live after he had lost Bea.

Wallace was at a pretty low point when he first met the new couple that moved in next door. He’d been struggling for a reason to go on, but Bea had come to him in his dreams. She told him that he needed friends and that he should take this opportunity to welcome the new neighbors properly. “Labour day is coming up,” she said, “invite them over for a barbecue.”

He did; and the rest is history. Those three friends palled around together for years until Ben was killed by a drunk driver on his way home from work; leaving Vivian a widow.

Now, almost eight years later Wallace wasn’t feeling very confident, finding himself at a restaurant with Viv. He was wearing a necktie and a jacket, she was wearing a gown that glimmered in the low light where they ate. A gown that had been suitable for attending the opening of his daughter Marsha’s first play. Vivian looked great, but she was just his friend. Right?

She reached across the table and took his hand in hers.

“Wallace, why don’t we go to my house and have a nightcap?” she asked.

“I don’t know, Viv? How ’bout we just stop off at Tudor’s for a drink? Then I can drop you at home afterwards.”

“Because I really want you to come have a drink at my house. And, if you’d like, I want you to spend the night, and let me make you breakfast.”

Wallace’s Adams Apple heaved as he tried to swallow with a dry mouth.

“I don’t know, Viv… we’ve always been friends you know. I’m not sure if I should risk that. I wouldn’t want to lose you.”

“I’ve felt the same way for a long time,” Vivian said as she stared at the tablecloth and rubbed the back of his hand with her thumb, “why do you think I’ve waited this long? One part of me wanted you to ask, another part of me was scared to death that you would. Recently, I decided I want this more than I fear this and that I should take the bull by the horns; do the asking myself. What do you say, Wallace? Wanna take another chance on love? Wanna take a chance with me?”

This week’s prompts are:

  1. ambidextrous
  2. a cheap motel
  3. John’s long gone

  1. Go ahead and dive in, set your imagination free!
    Write something
    Ready, Set, Go – you have 25 minutes, but if that is not possible, take as long as you need and, have fun!


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