OLWG #156- The Pavilion

We’ve been doing this for three years now. You guys still having fun? This week’s prompts are at the bottom. The words below are written just for practice. Practice makes perfect.

Here’s how to play along, if you are unsure.

Randall woke but kept his eyes shut. Things weren’t right and he knew that, but he wasn’t sure why. Gathering his wits he sought the problem. It wasn’t long before he knew that he was not in his bed and he was not alone in this bed. The warmth of another body lay along his right side and it was female.  He unlatched his left eye and peered through the crack. What he saw in the morning light that streamed in through the window was that he lay on tightly woven cotton sheets, white with a “Paris Green” colour floral print.

He could remember taking the trolley with Michael and Long Gone. They had started out to a dance at the pavilion by the bay. He thought it might be a way to meet girls. Based on where he found himself now, and who he was with, it would seem that he had been right. He felt her stir and he tried to remember her name.

She rose up in the bed and reached over him. Her hand rubbed his chest. She pressed against his back and nuzzled his ear.

“Randall? Randall, honey,” she whispered with a voice that sounded like whisky and cigarette smoke. “Randall, are you awake? Can we order room service? I’m famished. I want French toast with honey.”

He wanted to answer her. He wanted to tell her that she could have whatever she desired. He longed to tell her how much he loved her; but he knew, that he had morning breath. He could taste it clinging to his tongue and the inside of his cheeks. He could feel it crawling back and forth through the small gap between his front teeth. He knew that if he tried to talk to her now he risked losing her forever. Instead, he clamped his mouth shut and smiled. He pried open his left eye and took in his companion. She was lovely, raised up on her elbow, the sheet pulled up just below her breasts. She smiled back at him.

It was at that moment that Randall realized he must have died during the night. The girl and her smile made him believe that he’d ended up in heaven. The taste in his mouth made him less sure. Randall wished for a toothbrush.

This week’s prompts are:

  1. run like water
  2. barroom fixture
  3. Gowers Avenue

We are experiencing technical difficulties. When I tried to post OLWG 157 the original 156 disappeared and 157 doesn’t show up in my reader. I’m going to try to fix things. Please bear with me.

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