OLWG #167- NO

This week’s prompts are at the bottom. The words below are written for practice. Practice makes perfect.

Here’s how to play along, if you are unsure.

Diego slumped his shoulders and looked at his toes. He stuffed his hands deep into the pockets of his trousers and shuffled along the edge of the dirt road, making his way towards Clara’s. The sun hung high in the cloudless sky. It was hot and dry; small clouds of dust rose with each step and soon he was using the sleeve of his shirt to wipe his brow. Keep the sweat from running into his eyes. By the time he got to the turnoff leading to Clara’s daddy’s house, Diego was drenched. He paused and considered what he was about to do, then shook off any doubt and headed up the drive to Clara’s.

As he neared the house he could see Sr Lopez working by the barn. He smiled inwardly when he noticed that Clara’s Jeep was not parked in the yard, meaning that she was not home. Diego slowed his pace as he approached, practicing his speech. When Clara’s father noticed him, he ceased working and leaned on his shovel.

“Buenas tardes, Diego,” Dijo el señor López. “Me temo que Clara no está aquí”.

“Lo sé, señor. He venido a hablar con usted.”

“Bueno, tomemos una bebida fría y sentémonos a la sombra del álamo.” He buried the blade of his shovel in the mound of soil he was moving and wiped his hands on his shirt. Gesturing to Diego to follow, Sr. Lopez headed toward the farm house back door. Diego veered toward the wooden table beneath the Cottonwoods. He picked up a fallen branch and dusted the table top and the bench seats on either side. When Sr. Lopez reappeared he set down a tray with two glasses of ice water and a plate of biscochitos .

¿Qué puedo hacer por ti, Diego?”

Diego choked on a dry throat, sipped his water and launched into his speech, “Sr. Lopez, I’ve come to ask for your blessing and your permission to take Clara as my wife.”

Lopez’ expression darkened and he snatched up both glasses of water. “Absolutely not, Diego,” he poured the water on the dusty ground and stood.

“But, but…” Diego stammered.

“My Clara is too good for the likes of you. Her mother and I have plans for her. You just won’t fit in.” He spun on his heel towards the house but dropped one of the water glasses which shattered on the hard packed earth beneath the tree. He turned back around and put the tray with the remaining glass back on the table, “Adiós Diego, creo que deberías irte ahora.”

He walked back to his shovel and got back to work.

Diego stood and watched Sr. Lopez for a while, then stuffing his hands back in his pockets he returned the way that he had come.

  1. she stared at Robert’s ceiling and wished she was on top
  2. take care of your tools
  3. blue glass

6 thoughts on “OLWG #167- NO

  1. Es raro que un padre o una madre aprueben la elección de un hijo en el matrimonio. Incluso cuando fingen que lo hacen. (Google translator is so much fun!)

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  2. (45)

    I was lucky with my In-laws…. my own folks… that was another matter 😉

    It has been a rough few days. The sun is trying to come out… I’m hoping it stays cloudy…
    I only really used two… just couldn’t fit that third one in, though maybe I get half a point?…
    Anyway (figured I’d try and write early while it was cooler) here’s the continuing saga of my plight:
    makin’ me wait…

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