OLWG# 181- The Commute

This week’s prompts are at the bottom. The words below were written for practice.
Practice makes perfect.

Here’s how to play along, if you are unsure.

A long time ago I would hitch to my job downtown. I stood at the base of an on ramp on I-10,

I’ve been known to journey by motorcycle a short way down the coast to SLO.

I toiled; driving through thick Redwood forests from my house on the coast to the Silicon Valley.

I remember slogging the streets of Kitsap County in rain and other types of inclement weather.

I paid my dues motoring next to the River Thames from my home in Marlow to my office at the marina.

I used to ride a bicycle from Salt Lake, in Honolulu, to the Sub Base.

I navigated my way, with all the other grinders, through the mazes of gridlocked Southern California freeways to make a living, but only for a time.

I have traveled from Surf City through the artichoke fields to the home of J. Steinbeck.

For a time, I would voyage down the slopes of Mt. Faber to my job in Telok Blangah every day.

These days I go to the Malpais, but only a few days a week.

Why? Because that’s what I do.

This week’s prompts:

  1. bluegrass
  2. the center of my world
  3. seeking Amrapali

8 thoughts on “OLWG# 181- The Commute

  1. In the mid 70s, my father claimed whatever the highway or freeway from our home on the coast and his work in Barstow ought to be renamed for him in honor of his two-year commute. It was almost my parents’ marriage undoing.

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  2. One of those chapters in life that makes me curious about faith/belief vs. impulsive reaction. Not a clear point, I know. I guess I’ll just have to write about it 😉


  3. Ah… time to cleanse the mind? I knew someone who commuted four hours a day. I just think that takes too much time out of ones life for a job. But I’m guessing everyone has their ‘price’.

    (15) I used three prompts (including all of yours!) to add to my series: (19) Damned Family

    Now, I suppose I should do other worth while things besides writing 😉


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