OLWG #205- Long Ago, When Popsicles Were Inexpensive

This week’s prompts are at the bottom. Feel free to seize the prompts, twist them, form them, play with them as you will. All comers are welcome. The words below are just practice for me. I had a lot of fun writing them and, practice makes perfect.

Here’s how to play along, if you are unsure.

Gary had his hands full of school books, his books and Corrine’s too. It was a hot day. Hot in the way that he imagined Africa to be hot; too hot to be walking barefoot on the sidewalks. He was fortunate, though, because Corrine lived closer to the school than he, meaning that he carried both sets of books for only a couple of blocks. Sometimes, if they were holding hands or carrying on a particularly engaging conversation, she would walk along further with him. When that happened, they would drop her books off on her front porch. That made it easier for him, and that was what happened today.

When they reached Corrine’s, she asked, “Can I walk with you all the way to your house, Gary?”

“That’d be swell, Corrine.” He smiled.

She smiled too. She took her books out of Gary’s hands and opened her front gate. She skipped up the front walk and dropped the texts on the porch swing. Then turned and ran back to where Gary was waiting. She took his free hand and pulled gently. They turned at the next corner and saw Meir’s Ice Cream truck parked at the curb, about halfway down the block.

“Would you buy me a popsicle, Gary?” Corrine pushed her chest out and batted her eyes as she asked.

Gary felt the front of his trousers tighten, “Uhm, sure,” he answered, “what flavour do you like?” He adjusted his books a bit so he wouldn’t feel too self-conscious.

“Lemon, I like how the sour makes my lips pucker up.”

Gary readjusted his books again as she demonstrated what she meant. She turned her head to look at him and brushed her hair back with her fingers. Corrine was all he could see. Then she dashed ahead the last twenty or thirty feet to the window of Mr Meir’s truck. Gary lagged behind and watched her run. He was going to have to be real careful with his books the rest of the way home.

This week’s prompts are:

  1. a white gown
  2. it’s “coo-pon”
  3. are my seams straight?

You can start writing whenever you want, just write, get the words down – and have fun!

7 thoughts on “OLWG #205- Long Ago, When Popsicles Were Inexpensive

  1. Golly oskies, I’m glad I’m rid of the hormonal raging years, too! Reminds me of the time a college boyfriend joked about those initial, um, responses: “I’m in Math, nobody I like is in Math, hate Math, hate the teacher, Math is NOT exciting!”

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Not sure why a hyphen is considered a word… but when you play by someone else’s rules it is nice to ‘fit it’ – sometimes anyway. I change enough rules as it is 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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