OLWG #268- key #7

This week’s prompts are at the bottom. Feel free to seize the prompts, twist them, form them, play with them as you will. All comers are welcome. The words below are just practice for me. I had a lot of fun writing them, and you know what I always say, “Practice makes perfect.”

Here’s how to play along, if you are unsure.

Lloyd Danner inserted his key, identified as key #7, into the Detex Watchclock Station and turned it, proving that he was making his rounds and that all was quiet in the Institute. Lloyd, the night watchman, stood outside the gallery that currently housed the Norwegian Art Group Exhibit, on loan from Oslo. Inside were works by Munch, Sohlberg, Thaulow and others.

He peered through the side light next to the door and was surprised to see someone moving stealthily inside the gallery.

It was rather dark, but he could make out who it was. He saw a tall, thin man dressed in all black. The intruder could only be Dominic Kahl; Dr. Kahl was the director of Modern and Expressionist Art at the Institute.

Softly Lloyd pushed the door open and slid into the room. He watched in silence as the figure moved across to the east wall where the works of Paul René Gauguin and Carl Frithjof Tidemand-Johannessen hung; the dark figure reached up and removed a particularly fine woodcut attributed to Paul René Gauguin, the grandson of Paul Gauguin.

Lloyd sunk back into the shadows and watched the thief. He looked down at his wristwatch, where the radium dial glowed, and noted that his shift would be over in less than thirty minutes when he would be relieved by Alec Carnagey, a recent hire at the Institute. It might be as long as forty-five minutes to an hour before Alec made it to this particular Watchclock Station again on his first round.

The beauty of the situation was apparent to Lloyd. He would testify that the gallery had been secure when he checked and the time logged on the Watchclock. If discovered tonight, an analysis would indicate the theft had occurred after Lloyd’s rounds. After his check-in on the clock, and before Alec came by next. Lloyd might catch a little heat, but as long as he stuck to his story, no one could prove a thing. Tomorrow, before his shift, he would pay a visit to the office of Doctor Dominic Kahl. They could come to an arrangement; Lloyd was sure of it.

This week’s prompts are:

  1. oh, that’s old school
  2. his writing is fragmented
  3. knock me a kiss

You can start writing whenever you want, just write, get the words down – and have fun!

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