OLWG #272- A Large Can of Beer

This week’s prompts are at the bottom. Feel free to seize the prompts, twist them, form them, play with them as you will. All comers are welcome. The words below are just practice for me. I had a lot of fun writing them, and you know what I always say, “Practice makes perfect.”

Here’s how to play along, if you are unsure.

“Martha?” He called as she was heading out the front door.

“Yeah, Dad?” She replied, pushing the door shut again. She turned.

“Are you going to the store?”

“I can; do you need something?”

“I’d like a can of beer, one of those big ones.” He held his hand about two feet off the floor, “You know the ones, don’t you?”

She grinned to herself before turning, “I do, Dad. I’ll pick a couple of them up for you if they have any. Those are popular, and Mr Santiago says they can hardly keep them in stock.”

Martha turned back and reached for the doorknob. She pulled it open as her dad hailed her again. “And Martha, if you see the widow Laudene in town, would you invite her up here this weekend? Tell her that I’m planning a barbeque. Tell her that I’d love to have her company for dinner.”

Martha pushed the door shut again, turned and scowled at her father as she snapped, “Really, Dad? Ms Laudene? Maybe I should buy you a girlie magazine instead? You could hide it under the bed, and it would always be available. I could get you a new one every month. You’ll never get bored.” Daggers flew from her eyes. If looks could kill?

He met her gaze and sat up a little straighter. “You know, Martha, you seem to jump to conclusions quite a bit, these days. This is not about sex.

“You might choose not to believe this, but I miss the presence of a woman in this old house. Your mother and I were here together for fifty years. For fifty years – she would hum or sing to herself as she worked in the house. I miss that. She used to infuse the air with a specific scent, a sort of floral aroma that I haven’t smelled for almost ten years. She had a certain gait as she moved, nay danced, around the house; she was light, quick, and energetic. I love her and want to hear her moving around this place again. I know it won’t happen, but you’re too quick to judge. I can’t replace your Mom.”

It took a minute or so, but Martha softened her gaze as she and her father glared at each other across the room.

She shook her head and said, “You’re right, Dad, I’m sorry. You want a big blue can of beer or a big green one?”

“Green,” he said.

She turned again, and this time she made it out the door.

At the market, she bought three each of both the green and blue cans of beer. She was about to leave when she realized that Santiago might still be able to help. She asked, “Mr Santiago, do you know where Ms Laudene lives? My dad is considering a barbeque this weekend and would like to invite her.”

Santiago met her gaze and smiled.

This week’s prompts are:

  1. the road’s been my redeemer
  2. Chinatown
  3. like my favourite balloon

You can start writing whenever you want, just write, get the words down – and have fun!

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