How to Play Along (With Guidelines)

I like writing with prompts. I like them for a number of reasons.

They generate inspiration, sometimes.
They can sometimes, force you to work outside of your comfort zone .
Always, it’s fun to read the different takes that different authors come up with for the same prompt(s).
I like to make them timed. Twenty-five to thirty minutes is just about right, most-times.

So – here’s the deal.

  1. I maintain a file loaded with at least 50 writing prompts, at all times.
  2. Weekly, probably on Sunday’s, I will post two or three prompts from my collection.
  3. Take those prompts and, choose one of them, choose all of them or, choose none of them and incorporate them into a story or poem. You can wax poetically, or you can write fiction, non-fiction, stream of consciousness, or whatever else strikes your fancy in that moment of that day.
  4. If you want to apply a bit of pressure to yourself – limit your writing time to 25 or 30 minutes. You can tack on extra time to edit, if you want or you can have that time include editing. Your choice.
  5. Post your work on your blog with a link back to the prompt page that inspired you.
  6. Choose a number between 1 and 50. These choices will determine the prompts used for the next time.
  7. Have fun, take risks with your writing, and ignore any or all of these guidelines from time to time.

If you follow this site you should see new prompts appear in your reader, or you might receive an email telling you that there are new prompts to be had.

Play as often as you like, there is no cut off time for when you can respond to a prompt that you like. You can reply to the same prompt more than once if you want to.

Give likes, comments, and / or feedback to me and other participants, but be nice. Be kind to one another.

When in doubt – refer to guideline #7.

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