OLWG #289- Red Mule

This week’s prompts are at the bottom. Feel free to seize the prompts, twist them, form them, play with them as you will. All comers are welcome. The words below are just practice for me. I had a lot of fun writing them, and you know what I always say, “Practice makes perfect.”

Here’s how to play along, if you are unsure.

When Sheriff Allison led his men onto The Windy River Ranch, Alcorn met him about a half mile from the house. He had a red mule and his lever action .44 Henry Rifle in hand. He shot a single round into the air to get everyone’s attention.

“What’s your business here, Sheriff?” Alcorn shouted.

“Take it easy Mr Alcorn.” Sheriff Allison tried, “We’re here to investigate the theft of a mule from the Doolin Ranch. It was a red mule, just like that one you got with you. Do you happen to know anything about that?”

“This here’s my mule, Sheriff. What are you suggesting?” Alcorn worked the lever on his .44 calibre rimfire, ejecting the spent cartridge.

“I’m not implying anything, Mr Alcorn. I’m just asking about your mule.”

Alcorn squinted against the sun and cocked his head slightly, “I reckon my mule ain’t none of your business, Sheriff. You, and your men, might be best served by turning around and getting off my land.”

It was about that time when a shot cracked from a distance, the sound echoing from the surrounding hills. Alcorn blinked his eyes and slumped forward as if in slow motion. Allison quickly scanned the surroundings and spotted Greer Doolin riding out from the tree line, his Winchester on his knee.

“Damnit, Greer. What the hell are you doin’?”

“Just fetching’ my mule, Sheriff. Just fetching’ my mule.” He paused before adding, “Thanks for your help.”

This week’s prompts are:

  1. gave all my money to the rich
  2. thick foliage and intertwined vines
  3. all the way to Cortez

 You can start writing whenever you want, just write, get the words down – and have fun!