OLWG #297- Temples Crumble

This week’s prompts are at the bottom. Feel free to seize the prompts, twist them, form them, play with them as you will. All comers are welcome. The words below are just practice for me. I had a lot of fun writing them, and you know what I always say, “Practice makes perfect.”

Here’s how to play along, if you are unsure.

Junior’s earliest memory was watching his mother picking weeds in a small patch of grass that he assumed was somewhere in Kansas.

But, he couldn’t tell Dr Ambrose that. Dr Ambrose wanted something to happen. He wanted action. So Junior lied.

“It’s hard for me to say for sure, Doc.” Junior paused to study the therapist and think of something dramatic to tell. “I have a lot of early memories that seem to stand alone; I lack context for them. Don’t know why I even remember them.”

“Hmm,” the Doctor intoned as he worked to assign great import to that observation. “Which one seems earliest to you, Junior?”

“I guess that would be my mother crying as she worked in the kitchen. I don’t know what she was doing, probably cooking, and I don’t know why she was crying. As I said, I don’t even know why I remember this. Just that I do. In my memory, she is wearing a frilly white apron and facing away from me. I must be sitting in my high chair. She might be looking at the sink, at the stove, or out the window. I only remember that she was crying.”

“Any others?” Dr Ambrose asked.

“Well yeah, I have a rather vivid memory of my father and me. He’s driving the car, and I’m lying on the passenger seat. I remember my dad drove a grey and pink station wagon. Well, maybe I don’t recall the car itself, but I’ve seen photos of it. I might just be assuming that was the car here. He has a cloth bag filled with cash. Well, I presume it’s cash. He keeps pulling what I remember as paper bills from the sack. He laughs as he covers me in money. I’m crying, and he’s driving fast.

“I believe, Doctor, that you know of my father and who he was. He was Ethan Barden. He was a bank robber. Not a very good one. Wound up getting himself killed by the FBI during a gunfight just over the river in Missouri. I think I was almost five years old.”

This week’s prompts are:

  1. yeah, technically it’s illegal
  2. how does she act around children
  3. clouds make the wind blow

 You can start writing whenever you want, just write, get the words down – and have fun! All the best!