OLWG #4 – Another New Duty Station

Oh no – not again!

This week’s prompts are at the bottom – Have fun!

Here’s how to play along, if you are unsure.

Beauford stood in the shadows, near the foot of the pier,
studying the boat.
It was painted black, about 300 foot long with only a few feet showing
above the water line so, the beam was difficult to discern.
He knew though, how broad it would be.

Topside, just aft of the sail, he saw a non-designated striker
wearing dress whites – it was “The Watch,” whose shoes were blackened
but scuffed.
A holstered 45 on a webbed belt hung from his hip as
he wrote in a green cloth covered log book.

Beauford sighed and pinched the cherry from his cigarette –
saving the dog end for later, and tucking it inside the cellophane that wrapped
his pack, before
he leaned down; hoisted his sea bag over his shoulder, squared his hat, and
swaggered towards the brow.

This week’s prompts are:

  1. Time to excavate our relationship
  2. A twenty dollar shine on ten dollar boots
  3. It’s a handicapped spot

Ready, Set, Go – 25 minutes!