OLWG #65- My Dogs are Barking

 This week’s prompts are at the bottom. The story, or poem, or whatever it might be, below was written for practice; because practice is what makes perfect.

Here’s how to play along, if you are unsure.

Lawton got off the train and walked the last three blocks home.
There were no taxis to be had.
It was dark and it was late.
It was a long three blocks, but he spent the time thinking about his girls and how good it would be to see them after the night he’d had.

Fisher had called in; car trouble or some such. “Shouldn’t be too late.” he’d said, but he never showed.
Lawton covered his tables, had to hustle too. The silver lining was that the tips had been good.
He’d been on his feet all night, his dogs were barking.
It was about half twelve when he rounded the last corner.

Lawton lived in a third story walkup.
An old brownstone – lots of deferred maintenance.
But… it was quiet. He loved the Powell’s, the couple who owned the home and lived on the ground floor.
Better still they loved him.

The Powell’s let him keep the girls and they’d even let him slide a day or two on the rent from time to time.

He was surprised to see the lights on on the ground floor. The Powell’s were up.
Lawton checked his watch. The Powell’s were never up when he returned home after his shift.
Old Mrs. Rabinowitz, on two, had her lights on too.
Something’s up, Lawton thought to himself.

Concerned, he picked up his pace.
As he drew closer he could hear what was going on, faintly at first, but growing louder as he neared.
It was the girls. It was Stella and Coco.
They were making a lot of noise, creating a huge ruckus.

Mrs. Rabinowitz was going to make his life miserable for at least a month. There would be no appeasing her.
He’d make the Powell’s a big batch of chocolate chip cookies. They’d be fine.
What was up with the girls though? What had set them off? A cat, maybe?
Lawton toyed with the idea of not stopping. He could just keep walking; try coming home again in an hour or so.

This week’s prompts are:

  1. you never know who your friends are
  2. if she squinted, just so,
  3. the underdeveloped characters

Go ahead and dive in, set your imagination free!
Write something
Ready, Set, Go – you have 25 minutes, but if that is not possible, take as long as you need.

Have fun